Wallet of the Elderly: what it is and how to acquire right now!

Traveling in the elderly, even having a vulnerable financial situation is now more than possible with the Brazilian government program called the Wallet of the Elderly.

Wallet of the Elderly

The elderly have a number of rights, but not everyone knows it. In this way, they end up not enjoying these benefits. The Elderly Card is one such example.

If you’ve never heard of this type of wallet, know that this system allows seniors to make interstate trips for free or with 50% discount?

Do you fit this profile? Is there anyone in the family who could apply for the benefit? Check out our content today, as we will clarify what this program is, what is needed to request it, prerequisites, documentation, etc.
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Wallet of the Elderly: what is it?

Wallet of the Elderly

First, we need to highlight that this is a valid benefit for those people who are over 60 years of age.
Basically, the Elderly Wallet is a type of document that entitles interstate tickets in free road, rail and waterway transport or with 50% discount.

In addition, the elderly person’s wallet ends up becoming an important document, since it brings information that helps in the identification of the person, such as the municipality that resides, address where fashion and even a photo.

How to request

A person who is over 60 years old and who cannot prove the two minimum wages, which in 2021 is 1,045 reais and that is 2090 reais, should go to the Reference Center of Social Assistance (CRAS) of your city.

Arriving at CRAS, the elderly will be automatically registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico), if they do not already have this registration, and then receive a Social Identification Number, the NIS.

It is precisely from the NIS number that cras can send the application for issuance of the elderly’s wallet. If the person is already registered with NIS, CRAS only checks and forwards the request.
The wallet will be issued within 90 days after the date of registration or update of the Single Register, which is also called CadÚnico.

Even if you have to wait 3 months for the issuance of the document, it will also be possible to use a Provisional Declaration issued by CRAS valid for 180 days. Therefore, it is possible to benefit automatically after registration.

Prerequisites and documents

Prerequisites and documents

To make the application for the Elderly Wallet will not be necessary to be retired or pensioner of the INSS, for example. This means that even for those who have not yet retired, or are waiting for the analysis of the process, can already register to receive the wallet, as long as they have the minimum age required.

Thus, the elderly will attend the CRAS with the following documents:

  • Updated proof of address (can be electricity bill, water, telephone, etc.);
  • CPF or voter’s title;
  • Identity Card or Work Card.

In addition, the elderly will need to prove their income in order to receive the wallet. The income may not exceed two minimum wages. Therefore, to buy this income, the elderly must present some documents, which are:

  • Paycheck of your monthly receipt;
  • Contribution card with social security;
  • Work Card with updated notes;
  • Statement of benefit payments or declaration of the INSS.

Elderly people who receive more than two minimum wages per month, whether with retirement or salary, will not be entitled to the benefit.

Wallet of the Elderly: what’s it for?

Prerequisites and documents

If you don’t know, this program was created to serve low-income elderly people who want to make trips, even if they are older.

This program is also guaranteed by the Statute of the Elderly, which was created in 2003 and which launched a series of benefits for people who are over 60 years of age.

Thus, this public is properly underthe brazilian law, which guarantees, among other things, to have a Portfolio of the Elderly.

It is also worth mentioning that there is no cost for issuing the elderly’s wallet, being issued 100% free of charge to the responsible body.

If you have not issued this wallet, but want to travel at a discount or for free, know that it is possible too! In this case, you need to have the minimum age required and a document proving your income, such as the PAYMENT DOCUMENT OF THE INSS and the identity card that will be able to enjoy the discounts without difficulty.

Of course, the elderly’s wallet becomes much easier, because we can always use it, while the statements should be withdrawn from the INSS every time we need proof.

Number of tickets available per vehicle

With the Law of the Statute of the Elderly in vogue, passenger transport companies are obliged to reserve at least two seats in vehicles for elderly people who want to travel with the right of the elderly.

Wallet of the Elderly

However, it is necessary that the elderly make the purchase of the ticket with a certain advance, otherwise the company is released to make the sale of the two seats reserved for conventional passengers.
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