Unique Registry: system for low-income Brazilians!

Brazil has a great differential when it comes to government programs that grant access to the least favored people (low income), in different types of Federal Government projects. As an example, we can mention the Unique Registry system!

Unique Registry

In order to know the percentage of people who need more assistance, the registration system called CadÚnico was created, which will be presented in more detail throughout our article today!

Check and see if you can be part of this system, reading today’s content until the end! Good reading!

What is the Single Registry?

Unique Registry

The CadÚnico or Cadastro Único is nothing more than a system for registering people developed by the Federal Government with a view to gathering and investigating all the information of natural citizens of Brazil at the municipal, state and federal levels.

This registration system has as main objective to facilitate the entry of low-income people who are on the poverty line, to the government’s socioeconomic programs, according to the needs of each citizen registered in the system.

The programs that can currently be accessed by those who have registered with Unique Registry are, for example:

  • Possibility of retirement for low-income people;
  • Decrease in the electricity bill via the Social Tariff;
  • Access to the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program;
  • Elderly card;• Access to the benefit of continuous provision (BPC);
  • Receipt of Bolsa Família;
  • Obtaining a Popular telephone;
  • Exemption from payment of fees for public tenders;
  • Water for All;
  • Programs for the construction of Cisterns;
  • Green Grant (for Environmental Preservation);
  •  Exemption from payment of the National High School Examination fee (ENEM);
  •  Social Charter;
  • Youth Identity (Youth ID);
  • Assistance services in general.

How to enroll in the Unique Registry?

In order to register, you need to be aware that there is no virtual platform for online registration, that is, you will need to go personally to the CRAS (Reference Center for Social Assistance) in your city, or go directly to the city hall to find out where registration is done in your municipality.

Unique Registry

It is also worth noting that certain centers require that we make a prior appointment before taking the official documentation. Consult this possibility and schedule your time!

On the day of your interview, you will meet with one of the heads of CRAS and you must take only your family’s documentation, that is, you will not need to attend with all members of your family group.

If you are over 16, for example, and are preferably women, you can also register your family members, that is, you do not necessarily have to be the parent to provide this type of registration.

In this sense, the person who is going to register with Unique Registry must appear at CRAS with his ID and CPF, and it will also be necessary to have the documents of the family, which are:

  • Birth certificate for each member;
  • Marriage certificate (if any);
  • Copy of CPF of all members;
  • Identity card (copy);
  • Work card (for those in the family);
  • Voter title, for voting family members.

In addition to this list of necessary documents, you must also appear with an updated proof of residence, which can be a telephone, electricity or water bill, provided that you have the name of one of the members of the family group.

We also need to mention that, in order to keep the registration always active, it is necessary to keep the family information always updated with CRAS, registration that must be done once a year, following the date of the annual registration present in your CadÚnico registration.

What is the unique registration for?

inscrito cadastro único

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Unique Registry is very useful for those people who belong to low-income families and who wish to have exclusive discounts on the payment of their bills, and in addition to all this, accessibility in government projects.

This register is present in all municipalities in Brazil, and you will be able to find out more by looking for social assistance in your city.

Who can register

cadastro único

In order to be able to enroll in the Single Registry and enjoy all the benefits mentioned throughout this article, interested candidates must fit within some prerequisites, which are:

  • Present a family per capita income of up to half a federal minimum wage per member of the family, or three minimum wages for the family total, that is, this value must be the integral income that maintains the whole family.

  • It is necessary to attend the CRAS (Reference Center for Social Assistance) in your city with a photo ID and CPF.

Now that you have access to more information about the unique registry of the Brazilian federal government, do you still have any questions about this system? Leave your feedback in the comments!

If you fit the profile that is entitled to registration, be sure to look for social assistance in your city, because the benefits that the possibility program are numerous, Enjoy!