Unemployment Insurance: Know what it is and who has the right of access

If you are a salaried worker in Brazil, you need to obtain all the information related to your labor rights, such as Unemployment Insurance, an important program of the Federal Government that guarantees greater security to workers and workers with a signed license throughout the country.

If you still do not know exactly how this type of insurance works, you need to read our content from today until the end, because we will clarify these and many other questions about this important insurance guaranteed by law in Brazil.

Enjoy and make a good read!

Unemployment insurance: what is it?

Unemployment Insurance

To begin this article, we will deal with the concept of this program developed by the Federal Government in 1986 and which continues in circulation to the present day.

Unemployment insurance is intended to provide financial support to those employed who are unemployed. However, in order to be a beneficiary, the employee must have been fired without a just cause by the company.

In addition, this program aims to provide financial support to those employees who have been proven to be rescued from some type of forced labor, or to those workers who were working in conditions analogous to slavery.

Who’s entitled?

Now that you know what unemployment insurance is, here’s what are the public son who is entitled to receive this government insurance:

  • The employee who has been, for some reason, relieved of his work without presenting just cause;
  • That worker who is unemployed at the time of claiming the benefit;
  •  Employees who have received salaries from individuals or legal entities;
  •  Do not have an income of your own;
  • Not having social security benefits. 

When to apply for unemployment insurance?

Unemployment Insurance

This insurance may be requested by formal workers, with a signed work permit, provided that they have submitted a request within the average period of 7 to 120 days after being dismissed from the service.

If your job is a domestic worker, it may be 7 to 90 days, counted from the date of dismissal from work.

What is the value of unemployment insurance?


The amount of the unemployment insurance benefit may not be less than one minimum wage and when calculating the amount, the same will refer to the average salary of the last three months, calculated before the date of termination.

For example: for those people who have an average salary of R$ 1,531.03 to R$ 2,551.96, it multiplies by 0.5 (50%) and adds up to R$ 1,224.82. Above these amounts, the receipt of the parcel will be R$ 1,735.29 invariably.

It is also worth mentioning the period (time of receipt of the benefit) that the worker may receive the insurance, which will depend on some questions, which are:

  • Workers who prove a link from 12 months to 23 months of work: they will receive up to 04 installments;
  • Workers who prove up to 24 months of work or more will receive up to 5 installments.

How to apply for unemployment insurance

Unemployment Insurance

If you fit the profiles of beneficiaries of unemployment insurance, you must apply for it through the Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment (SRTE), SINE – National Employment System, or in other posts accredited by the Ministry of Economy, or electronically through the following channels:

  • Official portal of the Federal Government through the following e-mail address: https://www.gov.br/pt-br
  • Digital Work Wallet app (can be downloaded on Android or iOS phones)

In addition, in order to be able to apply for this type of insurance, the worker must have the following documents available:

  • Application for unemployment insurance: which is issued by the Web Employer.
  • Work Card;
  • Termination of employment contract duly signed and paid;
  • Identification document (RG, CNH, or the Work Card itself);
  • Proof of residence;
  • FGTS extract;
  • Proof that you withdrew the FGTS (Without this proof of payment, the insurance is not released);
  • Last three paychecks, corresponding to the three months preceding the date of termination

Prerequisites for receiving unemployment insurance


If you wanted to know what are the requirements to be entitled to unemployment insurance, know that it is a program for people who meet the following requirements:

  • The worker needs to prove that he has received wages from a natural or legal person treated as a person;
  • First request: the person must have received salary for at least 12 of the last 18 months;
  • Second request for a period of at least 9 of the last 12 months;
  • Third onwards, for a period of at least 6 months immediately preceding the date of termination of employment.
  • The person interested in unemployment insurance also may not be receiving social security benefit, except accident aid and death pension.
  • You may not have income of any kind that is considered sufficient to maintain and your family
  • If you have already received the benefit at another time, you must have at least 16 months of service before you can apply for unemployment insurance.

As you can access throughout our content today, unemployment insurance is an important program for workers and workers in Brazil! If you are working in the job market, keep an eye on your rights!