Passport? What is it? How to issue? What do you need? Check!

In today’s article, you will know everything about the universe of passport emissions, knowing not only what kind of document this is, but also the modes of issuance, and besides, what is a visa and how we can apply for it.

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Passport: what is it?

The passport is nothing more than a document considered personal and insurmountable, and that is issued by some body or entity of a State, allowing us to have free transit in the national territory, or in other countries.

How to get your passport

Brazilian passport and pass ticket on computer on wooden table. Blank notepad for travel planning.

First, you need to know that the agency responsible for issuing passports in Brazil is the Federal Police.
Guests must present the necessary documents to the Federal Police and must fill out a passport application form, present on the police website.

Entering the site, you must fill in all your personal data and at the end, a “GRU” ticket will be generated, referring to the passport issuance fee, which so far is R$ 257.25.

After payment of the passport, you must keep the voucher the compensation that may take up to 3 business days.
Once this is done, you should schedule your service at an authorized post, all on the Website of the Federal Police, that is, without having to leave the house.

On the date and time of your service, you must attend taking all documents, including the proof of scheduling and payment of the GRU. The photo and your fingerprints are taken from the Federal Police itself.

The preparation of the passport takes around 7 days, but you will be notified about the date on the day of the issuing request.

What documents are needed


First, we must highlight that there is no passport renewal, since it is always the same issuing process.
The only thing that will be different is that if you already have a passport you need to present it in the issuance of the new one.

That said, in case, in case of a passport, you will need some documents, such as an ID (it may be your ID, CNH, Work Card, etc.).You also need a document to prove your place of birth.

Important observation! Every document submitted must be in a good state of conservation. In addition, documents such as the RG cannot be longer than 10 years old.

Another important point is that if your name has been changed, or because you got married, or because you have separated, in addition to your ID, you will also need all the certificates that prove those changes.

You will also need other documents, such as:

  • Voter Titles: together with proof of electoral discharge. If you do not have the vouchers, it can be downloaded from the TSE website.
  • If you have a passport: just take the old version, even if expired.
  • CPF.

Who can take the passport

Anyone can take a passport and it is valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors.
Even minors need parental permission to be able to issue this document. This option will also be available on the Federal Police website.

Note: Men who are over 18 years old cannot have any kind of pending military service if they want to take a passport. In this case, you must have the dispensation certificate.

How to issue the 2nd route

Emissão de passaporte
O governo federal anunciou que, a partir de dezembro, não será mais necessário apresentar comprovantes de quitação eleitoral, de serviço militar e de pagamento de taxa para a solicitação de passaportes comuns. As informações poderão ser consultadas pelos agentes da Polícia Federal em um banco de dados desenvolvido pela Casa Civil e que reúne informações gerais sobre os cidadãos brasileiros. Para a solicitação do passaporte, ainda serão requeridos documento de identidade, certificado de naturalização, passaporte anterior e CPF.
Foto: Pedro França/Agência Senado

The issuance of the 2nd way of your passport has no mystery and will be made, as we point out in the issuance of the first route, having only a distinction that is the need to present the old version at the time of application of the second way.

Therefore, just follow the instructions presented above and will issue a new version without any difficulty.

What is visa?


A visa is nothing more than a permit we receive so that we can travel to a country from abroad. In other words, the country we want to know is that you must issue permission to enter foreign territory, that is, the visa.

Thus, a visa is a document stamped by the country wishing to travel and that can be attached to our passport.

How to obtain a Visa for the United States


There are three steps we must go through to get a visa issued to the United States. They are:

1- Filling out form DS-160;
2- Payment of the fee;
3- Scheduling the interview and the interview itself.

To apply for an American visa, you will also need to have a valid passport. From there, the first step is to fill out the DS-160 form. Do this calmly, because the form is extensive and will require us a half hour.

Generally, the questionnaire brings questions related to what you will do in the desired country (and you must answer study, work or tourism).

This form will be available to you on the United States Consulate website at the link:
Once you start filling out the form, you must save the number of your request, the so-called “Application ID”. With this number, if you give any error to the page, you can resume filling where you left off.

Once the form is completed, just save the voucher and print it, as it will be presented in the face-to-face step.
Next, you must pay the related fee by clicking on the following link: By logging into this site, you will need to create an account to start the visa application process.The visa fee is $160 and as soon as payment is cleared, just schedule the interviews. One of them to collect your data, photos, etc. And another in which you must present the objectives for which you want to travel to the country. This interview should be done at the U.S. Consulate.