IPVA: Know what it is, when and how to pay right now!

Currently in Brazil we may come across a series of taxes that must be paid annually. Among the main tributes we have the IPVA!

Haven’t you ever heard of this kind of tax? Want to know if you have to pay it and what is the amount to be disbursed? Check this out and more in today’s content!

In this article we will present you with specific information about what the IPVA is, how it should be paid by citizens who are required to make it, and on what dates this payment should be made, according to the end of the license plate of your vehicle.

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IPVA: What is it?


The acronym IPVA stands for Motor Vehicle Property Tax and is nothing more than a type of tax that has been in circulation nationwide since 1992, from Law 12023/92, which obliges all owners of motor vehicles to pay an annual tax to maintain ownership of a motor vehicle.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that this tax is only levied on vehicles transiting by land (e.g. cars, motorcycles, buses, truck, agricultural machinery, etc.), i.e. aircraft and boats, for example, are exempt from this type of tax.

The cost of this type of tax depends heavily on your region, because states have autonomy to define the amount they will charge and also involves the type of vehicle you own and your year of manufacture, for example.

In other words, this means that modern and current cars pay a higher import than older cars, etc.

The money collected by IPVA taxes are divided as follows: 50% for the State and 50% for the Municipality.

How to pay the IPVA?


As mentioned earlier, this tax must be paid every year and the payment process does not have much mystery, since you just go to a bank branch in your city, use an ATM to search for the ITEM IPVA and make the payment electronically.

If you find it difficult to do this process, you can ask bank attendants or bank branch attendants for help.

It is also possible to make this type of payment through the bank application your mobile, especially if you are an account holder of Caixa or Banco do Brasil.

How the IPVA calendar works

For the year 2021 we will have the following important dates to make the payment of IPVA, which are prepared according to the end of the license plate of your car. Remember that advance payments have excellent discounts.


3rd Quota

1 e 2

29/01/2021 26/02/2021 31/03/2021

3 e 4


31/03/2021 30/04/2021


31/03/2021 30/04/2021



30/04/2021 31/05/2021


7 31/05/2021 30/06/2021



30/06/2021 30/07/2021 31/08/2021





0 30/09/2021 30/09/2021


How to consult your IPVA?


To consult the value of your IPVA, simply enter the website of your State DMV and / or the website of the Secretary of Finance and follow the step by step below:

STEP 1 – By entering the official website of the Department of Finance of your state, or DMV, you must inform in the requested field the number of your RENAVAN and the license plate of your car.

STEP 2 – Next, you must click on “Vehicle-Linked Debits Query”;

STEP 3 – You will be directed directly to a query page, where you will know what is the amount charged by your IPVA.

How to issue the 2nd route


Since this tax does not involve issuing a payment guide, but rather direct payment in a bank network, you can follow the step by step that we mentioned earlier to consult the amount to be paid, and when you have the money for payment, go to an ATM and click on the IPVA option.

The banking institutions in which the payment can be made are:

  • Banco do Brasil (for account holders);
  • Banrisul;
  • Bradesco;
  • Box Lottery,
  • Santander;
  • Sicredi.

What happens if you don’t pay the IPVA


From the moment you stop paying this type of tribute, your vehicle becomes irregular in Brazil, and may even be retained by competent entities, such as the police, right on the first approach you face.

In addition, delays in payment of IPVA can lead to fines that, depending on your state can turn around 33% per day, reaching the point of being charged 20% per day.

Now, if you’re thinking the cost for there, you’re very wrong! This amount continues to suffer adjustments based on the SELIC rate and there are cases, in which people end up adding an exorbitant amount of debts to the government, simply by failing to make this payment.

It is also worth remembering that taxes such as the IPVA are provided for by law, so Brazilian citizens need to make the payment in a mandatory manner, whenever it is required, in order to keep their vehicles properly regularized, that is, in free circulation.

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