Esocial: Learn what it is and how to register and pay without mystery!

Do you know the Esocial system? Know that companies are obliged to join this program since 2018! If this is all still new to you, you can’t miss our content today!


This is because in today’s article, we will introduce you to what is Esocial, how we register employers and employees and also how the payment can be effected without any complications!

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Esocial: what is it?

The acronym Esocial means Digital Bookkeeping System of Tax, Social Security and Labor Obligations. This project was created by the Brazilian Federal Government, whose main objective was to promote the integration of data generated by companies or individuals, with regard to labor rights in general.


The Esocial system aims to replace 15 accounts and tax, labor and even social security information, coupling them in a single system.

In other words, esocial unifies the provision of 15 reports destined to government agencies, inserting tax, labor and social security information, as already mentioned.

It is a system that applies to private and personal companies, and that can result in fines on the billing of companies in case of non-compliance with Esocial. This fine can be up to 0.02% on the company’s revenue.

How Esocial Works

This system was launched in electronic portal format, and is considered a dividing point in the relationship of work between employer and domestic employee.


Since 2018, every domestic employer who has a person providing service in his/her residence, without any profit- purpose, and for more than two days a week is obliged to register on the Esocial Portal.

How to register with the Employer


As previously pointed out, employers and companies that have employees who work more than two days a week are required to register on the Esocial Portal through the following e-mail address:

The following is a step-by-step step to register for this system:

STEP 1 – Enter the Esocial Portal website:

STEP 2 – Entering the platform, you must go to the top right edge of your screen and click FIRST ACCESS.

STEP 3 – You must make an initial registration by entering your Social SECURITY number, date of birth and characters requested and clicking NEXT.

STEP 4 – Next, you must fill in other fields by re-enter your Social Security Number, number of your income tax return for the current year, and then the number of the tax receipt of the previous year. You will also need to create a password for access, taking 8 to 15 characters.

STEP 4 – After the requested information is filled in, click GENERATE CODE.
Important note: If you are an employer who does not declare income tax, just fill in your voter id and create a password. Simple and easy.

STEP 5 – Your access code will appear on your screen and you must write it down for future reference.

STEP 6 – After annotating this code, click CONFIRM to finalize your registration.

STEP 7 – After confirming your access code, you must fill out another form by entering your phone number (landline or mobile), enter email. Once that’s done, click SAVE.

How to register the Home Employee

After you have completed your registration on the portal as a home employer, the next step will be to register your employee, following the guidelines we will present below:

STEP 1 – You must enter the

STEP 2 – When accessing the page, on the top right side of your screen, you must enter your CPF, the access code we previously taught you to generate and your password by clicking on the OK sequence.

STEP 3 – After accessing the system, you will go to the WORKER item and click ON WORKER MANAGEMENT.

STEP 4 – Click REGISTER, an item that will appear on the bottom right edge of your screen.

STEP 5 – To start registering the employee, you must enter his Social Security number and also his date of birth, clicking on the following in CONFIRM.

STEP 6 – The next step involves filling in the requested field with the employee’s admission date and clicking CONTINUE.

STEP 7 – In the following screens, you must complete the form with the other data requested about your employee.

STEP 8 – At the time of the employee’s registration, you must inform if the registration is indefinite or determined, the position to be held, the monthly salary and how the payment will be (monthly, fortnightly, weekly, etc.).

STEP 9 – On the next screen, fill in the employee’s workday, including opting for the daily day, rest period and weekly leave.

STEP 10 – Finish the operation and that’s it! Your domestic employee is properly registered on the platform.

How is esocial payment made

payment made

The payment of Esocial is also very easy, because the employer has a digital certificate that is generated after your registration on the Esocial platform.

Payment must be made through esocial collection document (DAE), which is generated by the Home Module on the Esocial platform. This payment may be made at any bank branch.

The employer must pay 8% of employer’s social security contribution to his employee, 0.8% of insurance to prevent accidents at work and 8% of FGTS.