Encceja: know what it is, who can participate and how to sign up!

Have you ever heard of Encceja? Do you know how this exam works? Who can do it? How old do I have to be to make? The answers to these questions and more, you can check out in our content today!


First, know that in Brazil there are some paths, that is, ways in which people can complete their studies in elementary or medium. These people can go back to school, take a supplementary, or simply take the Encceja exam and get that certification only by taking the test.

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Encceja: What is it?

The acronym Encceja stands for National Examination for Certification of Skills of Young People and Adults and is nothing more than a test made by people over 18 years who wish to finish their studies, whether at a fundamental or medium level.


This test is applied every year throughout the Brazilian territory and when we get a good performance in it, we may be getting a diploma of completion of Elementary or High School.

How does it work?

As previously stated, the proof of Enceja takes place every year and the body responsible for implementing the exam is the INEP (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira), the same entity in charge of the Enem (National High School Exam) test.

How does this Exam work? Enceja brings questions from all areas of knowledge, which are created to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate. In fact, this test is applied throughout the country and even outside Brazil, as long as people register in advance.

This is because the idea of INEP is precisely to expand this type of evaluation, enabling an improvement in Brazilian educational indices.

Who can participate in Encceja?


The Encceja is a test that aims only those students who are students who are students who are students of EJA (Youth and Adult Education), or people who have been away from school for a long time, and who have not yet completed elementary or high school, as long as they are over 18 years of age.

Even, this test is considered 100% superfluous, precisely because it is aimed only at this type of audience (adult). This means that no one other than the people who need to finish their studies and are adults can take the exam.

Therefore, if you are up to 17 years old, you will still have to attend normal school to complete these teaching modalities, or wait for you to turn 18 and have the right to take the exam.

How do I sign up for Encceja


In order to register for Encxeja, you will need to have the following list of documents:

  •  Identification Record Number (RG);
  •  CPF;
  • Valid email.

With these documents in hand, you will register by following the step by step below:

STEP 1 – Enter the official website of The Stage: https://www.gov.br/inep/pt-br/areas-de-atuacao/avaliacao-e-exames-educacionais/encceja

STEP 2 – Click to register;

STEP 3 – If you have never accessed the platform, you will need to register for login and password creation.

STEP 4 – Having your access, log in. Click SUBSCRIBE (Note: This button is only available if registration for Encceja is open).

STEP 5 – Fill in the requested information and enter if you need specialized service on the day of the test.

STEP 6 – You must also enter if you want to take the elementary or high school level test.

Note: If you’re 18 years or older, you can take the mid-level test directly. If you choose High School, you will need to select the four areas that will appear later, as you will have to take a test on all of them.

STEP 7 – It is necessary to choose which institution you will want to take the test in. It is important to choose a place that is close to your home, as it makes our life a lot easier.

How’s the evidence?


Encceja exams can be elementary or high school and you will come up with questions corresponding to the level of education enrolled.

In the case of the Middle level, the candidate will have two days of proof to face, having a division of content that is done as follows:

  • PROOF I – Nature Sciences and their Technologies;
  • PROOF II – Mathematics and its Technologies;
  • PROOF III – Languages, Codes and their Technologies;
  • PROOF IV – Human Sciences and its Technologies.

Important note: If you have tested Encein in another year and have failed in some area, when you are re-enrolling for the test, only the area you have pending will appear, which makes our life very easy, since we don’t need to do it all over again. Just take what we’ve reproved. Simple and fast!

However, if you are sure that you have only failed mathematics, and even then, appear in the system 3 components, or more, for you to do, until you can request appeal, sign up for all three to ensure that you will be able to take the exam.

Finally, these were the information about enceja that you could not miss since they are decisive for those who aim to complete elementary and/or high school, without great sacrifices.

Follow all the instructions received and quickly you will be enrolled in Encceja, and when you take the exam you will have the way to follow up on your studies, or even increase your professional curriculum, with the completion of these teaching modalities that are so important to obtain good jobs.