DPVAT: Learn what, when to pay and what is the insurance coverage!

In our content today, we will present the DPVAT. Do you know what that is? Yes? No? If you do not already know, we will present all necessary information about this important insurance available to all vehicle owners.

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What is DPVAT?


The acronym DPVAT stands for Personal Injury Insurance caused by Land Vehicles and is insurance that all vehicle owners already know of.

This is because this insurance was created in 1974, and since then it is a type of compulsory insurance throughout the national territory.

This means that all people who own a motor vehicle (be it a car and/or motorcycle, bus, truck, etc.), must pay the insurance, being paid every year.

It is worth mentioning that, from the moment we pay the IPVA of our car, which is made every year by vehicle owners, DPVAT insurance is already included in the amount charged.

In addition, it is important to keep the IPVA and DPVAT always up to date, since with this insurance at our disposal, we can count on financial support in the face of any accident that occurs in traffic, being valid for the entire national territory.

DPVAT What is it for?

DPVAT insurance is currently used to ensure all people who are involved in some type of traffic accident, provided that it is proven that they were the victim of the accident and not the causes of it.


Said in other words, this insurance serves to repair damages in cases of medical expenses for the treatment of accident victims, covering up to R $ 2,700 reais of expenses. It is important that these expenses are properly proven so that we can be entitled to insurance.

If the person suffers an accident that will cause permanent disability or death, he will receive an insurance coverage calculated in the amount of R $ 13,500 reais.

On the other hand, if the person becomes invalid, only for a period of time, the insurance expert will specify the amount to be paid to the beneficiary.

Who is entitled to DPVAT?

As pointed out in the previous item, this mandatory insurance serves to protect everyone who eventually becomes involved in a traffic accident, constituting victims of the event.


And when we refer to “everyone”, we are not mentioning only the drivers, since also are inserted in this group the passengers who are together with the driver and get involved in a traffic accident (even if the car is fully occupied, all are assured). In addition, even the pedestrian is insured, cyclists, etc…, as long as they are victims of the accident.

Is insurance payment mandatory?

Yes, the payment of DPVAT insurance is mandatory to all vehicle owners, being linked, as stated earlier, to the IPVA, vehicle tax that is paid every year.

With this, the amount paid is used to compensate victims, in the face of any type of traffic accident.

How DPVAT insurance is paid


If there is a need to apply for this type of insurance, it is necessary to contact the responsible insurer, which throughout Brazil is the Leading Insurer (CLICK HERE TO CONTACT YOU).

This company will requisition some important documents for this instance type. You may request refunds or indemnities, depending on the case.

Usually, a personal photo document (ID, driver’s license, work permit, etc.) is usually requested, in addition to a Police Report attesting to the accident that occurred.

The other documents that will be needed, you can check by going directly on the insurance company’s website, or by contacting us by the following phone numbers:

  •  For metropolitan areas, you should call 4020-15-96;
  • For other regions, call 0800. 022.12. 04;
  • To make any complaints, call SAC DPVAT: 0800 022 8198;
  • SAC created for hearing and speech impaired: 0800 022 1206;
  • Virtual Assistance (21) 96781 -3444.

Insurance coverage DPVAT 


Currently, there are three possibilities for coverage of DPVAT insurance. Here’s when you’ll be assured by this system:

  •  Cases  of disability considered permanent: in this type of case, the insurance can be in whole or in part, depending on the instance assessed by the insurance experts. The repair of permanent loss can reach up to R $ 13,500.00.

  • Insurance in case of death: the insurer will grant a value of R$ 13,500.00 to the victim’s family. It is also worth mentioning that the heirs of the victim must be legitimate and be within the accordance with the Brazilian Civil Code.

Now that you know what DPVAT insurance is, is there any questions left about this insurance? Remember: if you own a motor vehicle, you can not fail to pay this important insurance, because it is precisely it that will support us in the face of any accident in traffic.

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