Digital Work Card: Learn what it is and how to Access!

With the constant advances in technology, Brazil has been migrating in various instances to the digital world. This happened, including with regard to documents, such as the Digital Work Card.

This migration occurred, considering that the Brazilian Federal Government has been implementing a digital structuring system, where all companies in Brazil began to send data to the government, through the Internet, and this ended up going through even the structure of the work book, as we already knew it until then, that is, in its physical /printed version.

However, did you know that the work card can now be used in your digital version? Do you know how to get yours? No? Read our article today until the end and learn how you can make this new version of the portfolio and how companies can buy it. Good reading!

Digital Work Card: What is it?

Digital Work Card

The Digital Work Card is nothing more than a mobile application created in 2019, with a view to replacing the existing work card (printed version).

This new system aims to make Brazilian citizens who are inserted in the labor market have greater control of their registration data, in addition to modernizing the system, using digital mode.

How to make the digital work card

Digital Work Card

To make your digital work card, have no mystery and we will reveal how it is possible through the walkthrough below:

STEP 1 – First, you should download the Digital Work Wallet app that is available for Android and iOs via the following link:

STEP 2 – Next, click OPEN.

STEP 3 – Before you even enter the app, you will be asked to register on the platform Click Work Card and then ENTER.

STEP 4- You will receive a password by E-MAIL or SMS.

STEP 5 – Once this is done, you must make a new password of your choice.

STEP 6 – Having access data, we will enter the application via Your user will be your Social Security number and must enter the new password created.

STEP 7 – Authorize the use of your data by the government (it is worth remembering that there is a policy of protecting our personal data, so you do not need to worry about it)

STEP 8 – If you’ve ever worked in a company, your entire history will appear in the digital wallet. If you’ve never worked, it’ll be blank.

STEP 9 – It will also be necessary to validate the registration, answering some questions of the system. Answer everything correctly so that the system validates your information.

Does the paper wallet stop worth it?

Digital Work Card

Your printed wallet is still valid, but since 2019, the printed version is no longer available and even, all the procedures of the worker in relation to his work card are carried out through the in-app version.

With this, service contracts, notes, vacations, wage changes, everything will be done digitally, further optimizing the lives of employers and employees throughout the country.

If you are hired by a company that is not yet registered with eSocial, you will need to present your printed wallet, so do not dispose of it in any way.

What changes for workers

The dynamics of hiring and insertion of the necessary information of the work card will be done with the same configuration, only that in the digital version, that is, does not change anything in the relationship between employer and employee and the employee will continue with his right guaranteed in law (right to work with signed portfolio).

How is the company signed?

How is the company signed?

The employee, from the moment he is hired by a company that works with the modality of the digital wallet, must inform his employer the number of CPF.

In the case of the employer, all the notes he will provide on eSocial already serve for the digital version of the work card.

Is the digital work card paid for?

You will not need to disburse any amount in order to take advantage of the Digital Work Card.

As the creation of the digital version is a government policy for migration to the electronic universe, we will have no cost to download and register in the application.

Where can I use the digital work card

How is the company signed?

From the moment you downloaded the Digital Work Card app, you can use this document whenever you want, just by inserting your Social Security number and password.

With this, this document will always be available to you and may present as identification document, or for labor purposes, whenever requested.

Very simple, isn’t it? Now there is no doubt that the Digital Work Card has come to make our lives easier!
If you are looking for your first job, or already work with a signed license, be sure to download this application right now and be part of this new digital environment.

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