CRLV Digital: know what it is and how to get access!

There is currently a strong migration of documents that until then were required only printed. This is the case of CRLV Digital, a mandatory document for all drivers and which can now be at our disposal digitally.

Have you never heard of this document? You didn’t know it was available digitally? Learn all about CRLV Digital by reading today’s article to the end. Follow and good reading!

CRLV Digital: what is it?


The acronym CRLV stands for Certificate of Registration and Licensing of the Vehicle, and is an important document for vehicle owners, since it proves ownership, and reveals whether the vehicle is up to account with its debts, that is, nor any irregularity or pending.

In addition, this document is mandatory for all vehicle owners and is now available in the digital version, and can open it both online and offline.

Even from the year 2021, the government should start prioritizing the availability of documents digitally and the CRLV could not be left out, since it is a document that accompanies drivers everywhere.

It is also worth remembering that, it is only possible to create your CRLV Digital if you have all your accounts properly paid, ie IPVA, fines, etc.

How to consult CRLV Digital


To be able to query this type of document, you first need to enter the Digital Wallet app, which is a Government application. Yes, this is the same application that we use to issue the CNH (National Driver’s License) currently.

Then follow the step by step below to consult your Digital CRLV:

STEP 1- Download the Digital Traffic Wallet by link:

STEP 2 – With the application downloaded on your mobile phone, you just need to click SIGN in

STEP 3 – Next, you will need to register if you have not already entered the application.

STEP 4 – On the home screen of the app, you will log in with the CPF and with the password made in the registration.

STEP 5 – Once that’s done, click VEHICLES.

STEP 6 – Then you will go in the TOUCH HERE item, and add the CRLV. In this case, you will need the number of your RENAVAN and the security code that appears in the document.

STEP 7 – Once that’s done, just click DOWNLOAD THE CRLV.

STEP 8 – Ready! You now have the digital document at your disposal and you can use it for verification purposes whenever it is requested.

Can you print CRLV Digital?

If you feel safer walking around with the printed version of CRLV, this is also possible. Remembering that even if you have made the printing at home, the document will have the same validity as if it were issued by the competent body.


By this, we mean that it will no longer be necessary to wait for that document printed on banknote paper, since a common copy made by the printer will be enough.

This document can be downloaded for printing by following the walkthrough we mentioned earlier. However, crlv is only available if the vehicle owner is even with the vehicle’s debits, which involves:

  •  Licensing Fee;
  • DPVAT Insurance;
  • IPVA;
  • Any fines.

Is CRLV mandatory?

Yes, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this document is mandatory by the driver, and there is legal support for this obligation, through the Brazilian Traffic Code, by art. 133, being accepted, both in the printed and electronic versions.


Therefore, you will not be able to drive your vehicle around without this document in hand. Now with the digital version, you can keep it on your mobile.

But in any case, you need to have it at your disposal in the face of any approach that requires proof that the vehicle belongs to you, and that it is even with the taxes and other fees charged by the government.

Even, the driver can end up paying a fine of up to R $ 293.00 and lose seven points on his driver’s license, if he does not have this document in hand.

Difference between CRLV and CRV

Now that you know what crlv is, you must also have seen, or even had this problem, of confusing CRLV with CRV (Vehicle Registration Certificate). Has this ever happened to you? Know that it is very common.


We need to keep in mind that these documents are not exactly the same. In addition, we can say that one of the main distinctions between the two is in the lifetime of these documents.

This is because the CRLV must be issued every year, while the CRV does not have a maturity. In fact, the CRV should be issued only on instances such as:

  • When there is a transfer of ownership of the vehicle;
  • When the owner of the vehicle changes city or residence;
  • When any characteristic of the vehicle is changed;
  • When there is a change in your category.

As you can see throughout our content today, CRLV is an important document that should accompany vehicle owners everywhere, but now with the ease of being able to use the digital version.

If you have a vehicle in your name, download the CRLV Digital right now and enjoy this facility created by the Federal Government. Enjoy!