CPF Query: Learn to consult if your CPF is regular!

The CPF is a document that identifies the Brazilian citizen, but that also allows us to get credit lines more easily. However, in case of non-payment of some debt, this may end up resulting in a denial of the name. To find out if your name is clear on the market, we should make a CPF Query.

CPF Query

Nowadays, we can consult CPF in different physical places, such as lottery and agencies, but in some cases it is necessary to pay a certain amount for the service.

If you do not want to pay for this service, you can learn how to do this online and independently at no cost, only with use and a mobile phone or computer. Did you know about that possibility? Yes, it exists and is available to all interested parties!

Thus, in today’s article, we will reveal just that, that is, how it is possible to consult the CPF without any mystery and accessing the main responsible channels of the moment, such as Serasa and the Internal Revenue Service. Check it out and good reading!

CPF Query – Serasa detailed step by step

CPF Query

It is worth mentioning again that this type of consultation is completely free and fast, especially if we do this procedure online, as we will teach you to follow with a simple, fast and practical step by step:

STEP 1 – First, you should take your mobile device and search for the Google Play page, on which you will download the serasa Experian app. To do this, click the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.serasaexperian.consumidor&hl=pt_BR&gl=US

STEP 2 – Once the app is downloaded just click “open”.

STEP 3 – Following, the Serasa application will ask you to enter your Social Security Number. Right after, click CONTINUE.

STEP 4 – It may be that when you do this, the system warns you that you do not have a registration with Serasa. That way, click SIGN UP FOR FREE.

STEP 5 – Create your account by inserting the data: full name, date of birth, email and at the end, register a secure password.

STEP 6 – Once this is done, click CREATE FREE ACCOUNT and wait for your data to be processed.

STEP 7 – Your information will need to be validated by mobile or email. This part is important for security purposes. If it is by email, just log in to your email and approve activation. By mobile will be the same way, confirming with the numerical code received.

STEP 8 – Once your registration is confirmed, you will be reassigned to the Serasa application again.

STEP 9 – Now log in once more to the Serasa app.

STEP 10 – Once this is done, the application itself will reveal to you if your name is clean, with Positive CPF and the percentage index of your Score.

How to consult the CPF by the Internal Revenue Service

CPF Query

In this type of consultation, you do not need to go to the IRS of your city, since the cpf consultation can be done online, as well as in the previous item, only now with a slightly different dynamics, since you may be using a computer, or mobile phone for the consultation.

Follow the step by step below and CPF Query by the Irs:

  • To enter the official website of the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service, click on the following link: http://receita.economia.gov.br/
  • By accessing the link, you will click on “CPF”;
  • Next, you will click ON REGULARIZE REGISTRATION The CPF;
  • Once this is done, you will be directed to a page containing a lot of information about the CPF. Scroll the cursor to the end of the page until you find an item written “Proof of Cadastral status in cpf”.
  • With this, you will be directed to another page that will ask you for the Social Security number and your date of birth. Fill in this data and click on “I’m not a Robot” and then just click CONSULT.
  • Then all your information will appear on your screen, and you will know if your situation is REGULAR or IRREGULAR.

CPF Query by Positive Consumer

Positive Consumer

The Positive Consumer is nothing more than a website created to make life easier for those who want to CPF Query.

No need to worry about this type of channel as it is 100% safe and used by thousands of people.
You can access the Positive Consumer website at the following address: https://www.consumidorpositivo.com.br/consulta-cpf-gratis/

By entering the site, you must register as a user so that you can consult possible pending issues registered in your CPF Query and your Score. The data that will be requested are as follows:

  • Full Name;
  • CPF;
  • Telephones;
  • Cell phones;
  • Father’s name;
  • Mother’s name;
  • Companies;
  • Basic Data;
  • And many others.

In this way, fill out the entire registered form and create a password that you will use for access. After the registration is just validate your email and log back in to the site, inserting the data you registered.

As you can see throughout our content today, there are several alternatives that are at our disposal for CPF consultation.

That way, you’ll never have to ask someone again, or spend money hiring services to make that kind of consultation for you. Enjoy and keep your CPF always regularized!