CNH Digital: what it is and how to download right now!

The acronym CNH means “National Driver’s License”, and is nothing more than a document issued in Brazil that authorizes people to drive vehicles. Generally, as soon as we pass the driving test, we receive a printed document. But did you know that now we can also rely on CNH Digital?


It is precisely on this topic that we will address throughout our content today! You will know in detail what is the Brazilian Digital CNH, how to download this application without any mystery, prerequisites for us to use it and whether it is a free app or not.

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CNH Digital: How to Download


As pointed out in the introduction to this article, CNH Digital is a digital application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and with this, it can be used by Brazilian drivers for the purpose of proving their due license to drive vehicles in traffic.

If you want to know how to download this app on your mobile, know that you do not need to go directly to the DMV of your city, since just follow the step by step that we will present below. Check:

STEP 1 – The first thing you need to do is go to your phone’s Play Store and download the application with a Digital Traffic Wallet name. You can use the following link if you prefer:

STEP 2 – Remembering that this application will be available for both Android and iOs phones.

STEP 3 – With the app properly installed on your phone, open the app and click ENTER GOV.BR.

STEP 4 – Next, you will be reassigned to a registration page, since it is necessary to have an account to access the app. That way, click CREATE ACCOUNT. In this step you can take advantage of accounts that you have in bank, for example, as is the case of Banco do Brasil, or validate with life display via photo, CPF, etc.

STEP 5 – Account created, now just enter your CPF in the requested field and click NEXT.

STEP 6 – Once this is done, enter the password you registered when creating your account. Note: Create a password that’s easy for you to remember, and you won’t have to face red tape to rescue it later.

STEP 7 – Click ENTER to log in. There will be 4 input options for you. Click ENABLEMENT.

STEP 8 – Click DOWNLOAD CNH. We will use the option to validate using the mobile phone. It’s important that you grant the app access to your mobile camera. The application will ask you to take a picture of your CNH. Note that on the reverse side of the document there is a QRCode that should be used to scan the document information.

STEP 9 – Once this is done, you will also need to do a facial validation by removing a photo. Once the photo has been approved, you will be asked to enter your zip code that you registered when you issued your first license. It will also ask for your phone number and creation of access key, which will allow you to access your document within the application.

STEP 10 – Ready, now your CNH will be available digitally for access at any time.

CNH Digital: what is it?

The National Digital Driver’s License (CNH Digital) is the same usual CNH document that we obtain printed right after being approved in the direction tests of the DMV of our city, only this time, available in the digital version via cnh digital app.


Thus, we are referring to an application that will allow us to walk with this type of document in a more accessible way, with just a few click scans of your phone. This is great in situation that we may end up forgetting the printed document at home, or simply want more security by leaving documents like this at home.

Prerequisites for use

The prerequisites necessary for you to have this type of application accessible on your mobile device is that, first, the driver has a registration with the Denatran Services Portal.

Prerequisites for use

In addition, you will also need to have the CNH document printed in the new template that allows transposition to the application, that is, that contains the QRCode (this is a scanable code) on the reverse side of the document.

The documents that were issued from 2017 onwards are already with QRCode entered. Thus, if your document is older, just wait for the renewal itself, or request issuance of second life from the Driver’s Center of your city.

IS CNH Digital free?

You will have no cost to download this app on your mobile, since it is 100% free. Only those drivers who have an old version of CNH should pay for a second way if they want to take advantage of this application.


So, as you can see throughout our content today, CNH Digital has come to make our lives easier by optimizing process and allowing us to validate our enable anywhere, even without having the document printed in hand.

If you are a driver, be sure to download this app!