Citizen Card: what it is and how to register. Check!

If you have never heard of the Citizen Card, you need to know today, because it greatly facilitates the lives of the people who use it, and, in addition, you may have the right to purchase the card and do not know yet!

Read this content until the end and know what is the Citizen Card, what it serves, who can request and where this request can be made. Enjoy and good reading!

Citizen Card: What is it?

Citizen Card

The Citizen Card was created to facilitate the access of Brazilians to the most diverse social and labor services (Bolsa Família, Seguro Desemprego, PIS, FGTS, PIS, etc.) existing within the national territory.

In other words, this card makes life easier for people who are beneficiaries of social and labor programs, since we can access all payments from the aforementioned programs, with a single card in hand.

What is the Citizen Card for?

This card serves and can be used in the most diverse payment channels, provided they are authorized by Caixa Econômica Federal, and may be present in various municipalities of the country.

In addition, the password you obtain from the citizen card will enable you to use it to receive numerous social benefits, of which you have registration, configuring yourself in a much more practical means for drawing and consulting balance, and which can be made at service points, ATMs, lottery houses, etc.

Finally, in general, we can say that when you have the Citizen Card at your disposal, it greatly facilitates the lives of the beneficiaries of social programs.

How to apply for the Citizen Card?

Citizen Card

The citizen card can be requested at any branch of the Caixa Econômica Federal, or through the official telephone of the institution which is: 0800-726-0207

For the service to be fast, Caixa Econômica requests that those interested in the card have in hand the NIS number, and once the request is made, the card will be delivered directly to the applicant’s home, or can be removed at the agency where he forwarded the request.

It is also worth mentioning that if you already have an account in the box, be it current or savings, there is no need to request the card, since you can receive all the benefits you are entitled to directly in your account.

How to make the card password?


After you have gone through the registration and request stage of the Citizen Card, you will need to make your card access password.

This password should preferably be made at the Caixa Econômica agency, or in a representative such as the lottery.
However, before you even attend the agency, you need to make a call to 0800-726-0207 by scheduling a date.

To make your password, you will also need to take at hand:

Important note: you will download and print the term of responsibility, but will only sign the document in front of the CAIXA ECONÔMICA attendant. This is a safer way to keep your data protected and the authenticity of the document.

  • You will also need to bring a photo ID, which may be your ID card, work card, CNH, etc.
  • You must present a ZIP Code to prove your address;
  • Date of your birth;
  • PIS number (for those who do not know, this number counts in your work card)
    With all this data in hand, just present to the attendant, either from the cashier or by phone and wait for the issuance of your card.

Who can make the citizen card?

To date, the request for this card is released to all people who are beneficiaries of some type of government program of social or labor nature, such as those mentioned earlier: family grant, unemployment insurance, among others.

How to check the card balance over the internet

Citizen Card

It is very easy to consult the balance available on your Citizen Card through the internet. First, you need to register on the following platform:

Entering the platform, you should follow the step by step below to check your balance:

STEP 1 – In the form that will appear in the center of your screen, you will enter your CPF/NIS or Email number.

STEP 2 – Then just enter your password, click “I’m not a robot” and then click ACCESS.

STEP 3 – Entering the platform, you will have access to all social or labor programs of which you are beneficiary and will know the amounts corresponding to each of them, that is, what is your current balance.

STEP 4 – Through this same platform, you can make your registration update, filling in the information that is requested.

Well, as you can see throughout our content today, the citizen card optimizes the lives of recipients of social and labor programs. That way, if you have the right to purchase it request yours right now!