Bolsa Família: What is it? Who can have that benefit? Find out here!!!

In today’s article we will present to you one of the most important social programs of the Brazilian federal government: Bolsa Família.

This program is praised worldwide, since it aims to break with social inequalities throughout Brazil, granting an “x” value to complement the income of Brazilian families who are on the poverty line.

Want to know more about this program? Read today’s content until the end! Good reading!

Bolsa Família: What is it?

bolsa família

The Bolsa Família Program is nothing more than a project considered one of the main flags of the governments of former Brazilian presidents, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff.

Basically, it is an income transfer program that has as main objective, to provide care to poor and extremely poor families, who start to receive a monthly “x” value to increase family income.

The objective of the program aims to combat social inequality and thus expand access to education, health and food, considered key elements for a dignified life in society.

In addition to having a notion of the breadth of this program, there are currently more than 14 million families served throughout Brazil.

How does it work?

This benefit is granted to low-income families, being divided into 4 categories that will be analyzed by the competent bodies:

  • Basic Benefit;
  • Variable Benefit;
  • Young Variable Benefit;
  •  Benefit to overcome extreme poverty.

Who has the right to Bolsa Família?

bolsa família

The beneficiaries of Bolsa Família are classified by the program into two categories: poor and extremely poor.
To be classified as extremely poor, the family needs to have a monthly income of up to R$ 77 reais per person.

On the other hand, to fall into the category “poor”, the family needs to receive between R$ 77.01 and R$ 154.00 of monthly income per family member.

In addition, for this poor family to receive the benefit, it needs to have in its composition a pregnant woman, or who is breastfeeding, and/or with children and adolescents from 0 to 16 years of age.

In order to continue receiving this benefit, families need to keep children from 6 to 17 years of age regularly enrolled in school and comply with a frequency of 85%.

This frequency is calculated monthly, and if the child misses school too much, the family will receive a warning and if they continue with attendance issues, the benefit is automatically canceled.

It is also necessary to take children from 0 to 7 years of age to weigh themselves and take all the vaccines required for this age group.

What is the value of Bolsa Família?

The national average payment of Bolsa Família per family is R$ 168.86 cents, which may be more or less, depending on the factors mentioned above.

How to register

How to register

To be able to register in this program, you must seek the Social Assistance of your city (CRAS), where they will perform their Unique Registration (CadÚnico). The social workers themselves forward their request to receive the Bolsa Família.

Of course, you must present yourself to CRAS with some documents that are essential to perform registration and obtain the benefit. The list of required documents are:

  • RG and CPF your son and other family members;
  • Birth certificate, especially of children;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Proof of residence;
  •  Voter’s Title;
  •  Copy of work card (if you have one);
  • Proof of income.

When you perform at CRAS, a social worker will receive you and do an interview with you, asking you some questions about yourself and your family, such as number of rooms in the house, employment relationship, family health problems, etc.

Once your registration is complete, the Bolsa Família program sector will review your documentation and decide whether you can be a beneficiary of the program or not.

If you are approved, the Bolsa Família card will be sent to you via post office, or will be delivered to CRAS within a period of 30 days.

How to consult?

How to register

To be able to check your balance on the family purse porgram card, you can go to a bank branch, or use the Bolsa Família application directly on your mobile phone.

You can trust the app, because it is official of the Federal Savings Bank. Signing in to the app, just click SEE YOUR BENEFIT.

You can sign in to the application by entering your Social Security number or NIS number.

Bolsa Família Calendar

The payments of the family scholarship are stipulated every beginning of the year and launched by the Federal Savings Bank. To find out the day you will receive your payment, simply check the termination number of your card, comparing with the following calendar, which was launched specifically for the year 2021:

End of NIS

Day and Month of payment of Bolsa Família 2021

1 18/01 11/02 18/03 16/04 18/05 17/06 19/07 18/08 17/09 18/10 17/11 10/12
2 19/01 12/02 19/03 19/04 19/05 18/06 20/07 19/08 20/09 19/10 18/11 13/12
3 20/01 17/02 22/03 20/04 20/05 21/06 21/07 20/08 21/09 20/10 19/11 14/12
4 21/01 18/02 23/03 22/04 21/05 22/06 22/07 23/08 22/09 21/10 22/11 15/12
5 22/01 19/02 24/03 23/04 24/05 23/06 23/07 24/08 23/09 22/10 23/11 16/12
6 25/01 22/02 25/03 26/04 25/05 24/06 26/07 25/08 24/09 25/10 24/11 17/12
7 26/01 23/02 26/03 27/04 26/05 25/06 27/07 26/08 27/09 26/10 25/11 20/12
8 27/01 24/02 29/03 28/04 27/05 28/06 28/07 27/08 28/09 27/10 26/11 21/12
9 28/01 25/02 30/03 29/04 28/05 29/06 29/07 30/08 29/09 28/10 29/11 22/12
0 29/01 26/02 31/03 30/04 31/05 30/06 30/07 31/08 30/09 29/10 30/11 23/12